Authentic Ayurveda History

Authentic Ayurveda is a natural & organic Ayurveda brand developed by the experts of Baidyanath Group in India on its 100th year anniversary. Authentic Ayurveda has been conceptualised to gift the world royal and time-tested skin rituals. It infuses the treasure of proven Ayurvedic knowledge & Baidyanath’s research into the modern lifestyle.
The beauty of Ayurveda Is that it considers the whole person- body, mind, spirit and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness. This same essence has been applied to the products of Authentic Ayurveda. Hence, the products would heal, pamper, uplift and soothe, all at the same time! Your skin without any chemical nasties will progress towards the best the nature has to offer.


Authentic Ayurveda Limited is a daughter company of the Baidyanath group. The Baidyanath group was founded in 1917 by Vaidya Ramnarayan Sharma – A renowned Ayurvedic practitioner and visionary with a goal to popularize Ayurvedic and herbal products around the world.

In the times where everyone is looking at “new” solutions for the skin, it is our bold attempt to promote our rich heritage and time-tested skin rituals across the world. With over 450 innovative and trendsetting products being made and marketed by the Baidyanath group, Authentic Ayurveda has been incepted keeping in mind solutions for the the effects of environmental changes on one’s skin.